Below are the results of our 4th Quarterly Competition, congratulations to all the winners!

Themed Prints : Man At Leisure

1st . A Moment Of Thought by Derek Boardman

2nd . I Just Love This Show by Simon Moore

3rd . A Gentle Paddle by Peter Ottley

Themed Digital : Man At Leisure

1st . Windsurfer by Peter Ottley

2nd . Alternative Rock Climbing by Richard Reynolds

3rd . Incoming Three by Kevin Fletcher

Open Prints

1st . Osprey And Dinner by Peter Ottley

1stIs It Safe To Come Out Now Mum by Derek Boardman

3rd . Biker Chick by Simon Moore

Open Digital

1st . A Rocky Knife Edge by Peter Ottley

2nd . An Artists Impression by Richard Reynolds

3rd . Temple Of Butterflies by James Charlick