Light Painting Basic Equipment

If you have attended either (or ideally both) of the night photography evenings with the club I've been showing some basic light painting techniques, which are a fun way to create images using torches, glow sticks, LED lights, coloured filters, and so on. You can experiment easily in your own back garden, and with darkness coming earlier and earlier you can do so straight from [...]

Low Light Photography – A Shot In The Dark

The Basics - Capturing Light Low light Photography is no different from daylight Photography it just takes a bit more thought and planning, and patience. Remember the three things that dictate the amount of light needed to give the optimum exposure value, the exposure triangle. Aperture size Shutter speed ISO What Do You Need Apart from your camera, this list of items [...]

Tutorial: Selective Colouring / Colour Popping

A written copy of the presentation given at the weekly meeting on 18th October 2016 by James Charlick. This tutorial will show you a very quick and simple method to "colour pop" your images by selectively desaturating colours and areas in your image. This style is not to everyone's taste, but there are useful techniques in here that can be applied regardless of your thoughts on the [...]

Tutorial: Creating Composite Images using Selections and Masks in Photoshop

A written copy of the presentation given at the weekly meeting on 20th September 2016 by James Charlick. This tutorial focuses on combining elements from different images, the most obvious example of which is adding a new sky to a landscape or architecture photograph. It covers three main topics: How to create a selection in Photoshop using the magic wand tool. Layer masking and [...]

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