The new Locations Map is based on Google Maps, so if you are familiar with using that software this should all be fairly simple to use.

But if you have not played too extensively hopefully this little extra information will allow you to make the most of our new Photographic Locations Map tool.

In the top left of the tool there is an icon which will slide out the options panel, and clicking this will show the various categories that the locations are organised into. Each type of location is colour-coded on the map, with landscape points in Green, Wildlife in Red, etc.

At any time you can click on the red tick box next to the category name and hide locations of those types – useful if for example you’re only interested in Wildlife photography to hide all the other markers.

You are also able to open the list of locations inside each category by clicking the All Items link under the category name, and then click the location name you would like to view to bring up more details.

Alternatively you can click pointers on the map to bring up the same information.

For each pointer you will see a photo of the location, the name, and any additional descriptive information.

With any luck you should be able to zoom right into the map and see the exact location mentioned, which you can do with the scroll wheel on your mouse.

If you wish to return to the list of locations click the red location name bar with the back arrow under the location photograph.

Finally you can open the map in Google Maps full screen by clicking the icon in the top right showing four corners of a rectangle.

If you have any favorite locations to share with the club please contact us with the name of the location, a brief description if required, and any photographs you have taken that you would be happy to share!