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Analogue Photography Section

This section deals with non-digital photography, including 35mm film, paper negatives and alternative processes.

Go to the "Galleries" to see examples of members’ recent work, or to
Resources" for Links to useful videos, suppliers (of analogue equipment and consumables), relevant Facebook groups (35mm, B&W, vintage camera, Large format etc..) and links to relevant blogs and websites. Also check out the website DPReview which now has more & more new content for analog photographers -e.g. "Five film camera bargains".

Also have a look at the work of current and historical analogue photographers here.

The speed, immediacy, convenience and economic advantages* of modern digital photography are attractive to many of us. Add to that the phenomenal clarity and detail achievable compared to 35mm film it is little wonder that most photographers today wouldn't consider going back to, or taking up, analogue photography. Yet some do and an increasing number are doing so.

The information presented here will give you some idea as to why there is a resurgence of interest in non-digital photography.

What might not come through the images themselves so obviously is the enjoyment of the process.


The speed and ease with which we can now take photographs is amazing - but in the haste we can lose the pleasure and mindfulness that a slower form of the process can offer. Standing in contrast to the relentless drive for ever more MEGA-images that are becoming more “real” than reality, this work celebrates the imperfections of a more basic process. Often with no batteries or micro-chips these cameras can be used to create evocative images that invite the viewer into them. Pristinely clear images from our modern cameras and phones can be scanned, appraised - re-tweeted or ignored and then forgotten, but an image that draws you to explore, think, imagine - can create and deposit something of value in us, that will last. Alongside that is the distinctive image quality achievable with analogue equipment and processes - take a look at the images here and decide for yourself.

Search for the hashtag #FilmIsNotDead on Instagram and you’ll find more than 14 million posts from users all over the world. Why are younger generations embracing the slower process of shooting and developing film in a time when taking the perfect photo with our cellphones is cheap and instant gratification? Why are film and vintage camera sales up? And how has an online community helped revitalize the analog industry? Watch this video and see some of the answers.

* Economic advantages of digital? Initial purchase prices, software licenses, and an up to date computer to run the best software don't come cheap.

howard Evans
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