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Welcome to our Winter 2023 exhibition

Please explore each of the 6 galleries below.

To enjoy these images at their best please view on the largest screen you have available.


The A1 Camera Club is now into its 42nd year and it continues to remain an invaluable photographic source to the Town.

Key Club members willingly share their skills to develop their members’ photographic expertise.  Given those professional standards the Town Council unhesitatingly invites A1 to attend many of the Town Council’s main events especially those to which the Mayor has been invited.

Local charities, businesses and individual residents and their families regularly seek to mark a special milestone and will invite the Mayor to raise their profile and in so doing fully appreciate quality illustrations to capture a permanent record.

Therefore, as the Mayor of Weston super Mare now well into my term of Office I continue to value the A1 Camera Club as a mutually beneficial asset to the Town and one which I hope will endure for many years to come.    

Councillor Sonia Russe

The Mayor of Weston-super-Mare

Our club welcomes all photographers, experienced and those just starting to learn.
We encourage all members to exhibit work that they are pleased to have produced.

Landscape and Seascape

17 Sunlight Through The Trees
18 Jurrasic View
19 View From Hengistbury Head
20 New Forest 1
21 Wethering Height
22 Black Sunset
23 Incoming Tide At The Old Pier
24 New Forest 2
25 Mist Over The Moors
26 Waiting For The Wind
27 Brean Down In The Mist
28 Winter Morning
29 New Forest 3
30 Winterscape
31 Stark Contrast
32 Porlock Weir
33 New Forest 4
34 Liberty

Nature and Woodland

35 Tree
36 Swans Mist Somerset
37 Meadow Flower
38 Quantock Woods
39 Cute quacker
40 Beady eye
41 A Polinator At Work
42 Kingfisher 1
43 Peek-a-Boo
44 Woodland Trail
45 Goblin Bridge
46 Quietly Grazing
47 Friendly Butterfly
48 Exmoor Pony
49 Kingfisher 2
50 Nuts You Found Me


Creative and Abstract

01 Twist Top
02 Hand Holding Brooch
03 Golden Weir
04 As Fast As He Can Go
05 Weston Magic Wand
06 Looking Up
07 Glaciered View
08 Rosebud Romanticism
09 Dreamscape
10 London Skateboarder
11 Castle
12 Hands to infinity
13 Friends
14 Me And My Bird
15 The Domino Effect
16 Guitar Man

Public Vote


1st Place


Peek-a-Boo by Cristina Liviero









2nd Place

Kingfisher 1 by John Scaife








3rd Place

No Way To Make A Fortune by Tony Stringer

Night and Low Light

51 Marine Lake
52 Welcome to Weston
53 Gherkin Drinks
54 Bude
55 St Pauls From Southbank
56 Sea Monster
57 Umbrella Of Sparks
58 Freedom 's Just One Shot Away
59 After The Storm
60 Birnbeck Pier
61 Cursing The Competition
62 London Bridge Lit For A Queen
63 The End Of A Good Night
64 St Pauls From Millenium Bridge


65 The Explorer
66 TwoManTing
67 Profile
68 Snap!
69 A Friendly Companion
70 Portrait Taken By Flash
71 No Way To Make A Fortune
72 Music Man
73 Angel
74 Autumn Child
75 John Harris Award Winning Somerset Cider Maker
76 Pandemic
77 ... And I In Mine
78 Inspector Mitchell Is On The Case_


79 Lymouth
80 Winchester Cathedral Choir
81 Laycock
82 St Giles' High Kirk
83 Stony Page Three
84 My Garden Balloon
85 Frozen In Bronze
86 Weston Air Day
87 Mannequin Hands
88 Different honeysuckle
89 Banksy Pinwheel
90 Iron And Steel
91 Holding Hands
92 Wingwalker
93 Drawing Hands
94 Portishead Statue
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