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Judge's Selection
Marko Dutka FSWPP

Overall 1st Place
Two side of life"
by Simon Moore

Some very close contenders but this was such a great narrative. I often see images like this and often feel uncomfortable viewing them as they can seem intrusive. However this image is so compassionate and so well handled that I am very happy to acknowledge its genuine empathy for another person.

Two Sides Of Life.jpg

Overall Comments.

This has been a really interesting and enjoyable judging for me. Overall there is a great display of talent across all the different genres. This is a very healthy selection of images and adds upto a great exhibition.

There were in each category a number of contenders for each best of category and it was a difficult job to select just one per section. The final selection of best of was well justified and I think the overall winner is outstanding. Thanks for letting me judge for you and allowing me to enjoy your great images.

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