Judge's Selection

Overall 1st Place
by Tony Stringer

It is always a tricky task to choose an overall winner from different genres and this is where personal taste and a level of subjectively apply.  An approach that I often apply in such cases is to ask “Which image would I be prepared to frame and put on the wall or stare at for a month in a calendar”.  In this case it produced a clear winner and that was the simplicity and interest of “Memories”.

The winners in each section were:-

Landscape “View of the Empire” – I thought this image portrayed a sense of scale and structure of the city.  The eye is led through the image to the distant buildings and the inclusion of the dramatic sky balanced the urban spread of the city buildings.  Technically it ticked all of the  boxes and in my mind a worthy winner.


Miscellaneous/Open:- “Tilly and Leon” – An imaginative image using the differential colours to create an image with impact and interest.  The facial expressions and positioning of the subjects creates a feeling of  intrigue.  The lighting and colour is subtle and apart from the initial impact it makes the viewer think which is difficult to achieve and not frequently seen.  Well done to the author for the thought you put into creating the image.


Nature:- “Great Grey Shrike” -  This image meets all of the criteria for a good nature image/portrait.  It is sharp and has detail and texture and an excellent clean background.  The Shrike is in a natural habitat and the image having been taken from the same level as the subject has that extra impact.  The catchlight is the added bonus, well done.


Still Life:- “Memories” – A simple image but with a lot of impact due to the high key approach taken by the author.  The composition of the image using the diagonal to add strength is first class and the author has ensured the subjects are not ‘crowded’ in the frame.  It is an image that grabs your attention and keeps it.  Well done to the author for the imagination and technical ability used to create the image.

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