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Each quarterly competition consists of three sections:

  1. A themed section for mounted prints.

  2. An open section for colour DPIs.

  3. An open section for monochrome DPIs.

If you firstly enter one image into each section, you may, if you wish, enter up to a further two images into any or all of the three Sections.

All entries MUST be submitted to the Competition Secretary a minimum of THREE WEEKS before the competition date unless otherwise stated in the published Club Programme.

Mounted Prints

The MINIMUM permitted size of Prints is 7”X5” (approx. 180mmX125mm) PLUS the mount and the MAXIMUM permitted size is 500mmX400mm (approx. 16”X20”) INCLUDING the mount.

Prints must be identified only by the Entrant’s Membership Number and the Title of the Print written on the back of the mount.


Each Print entered is to be accompanied by a Digital Projected Image of that Print, to ensure that the Club has a lasting record of all Competition Entries. These should follow the size guidelines for DPIs below.




DPIs must comprise a JPEG file, 1600x1200 pixels, 300 dpi, sRGB which means that:


  1. Landscape format images should be resized to a width of 1600 pixels, maintaining the aspect ratio and taking care to ensure that the height does not exceed 1200 pixels, and

  2. Portrait format images should be resized to a height of 1200 pixels, maintaining the aspect ratio.

Please follow the steps below in order that the competition secretary can enter your DPis into our competition software without having to rename all or some of them.

  1. Create a folder and rename it with your name and the competition i.e.  ‘Your name_qtr 1,2,3 or 4’

  2. Within this folder create two sub-folders and name them ‘your name_Open’ and ‘your name_Themed’

  3. Insert your images into the correct folders naming them in order of priority i.e.. ‘1_Title......3_Title’

  4. Email your DPI folders to by the entry date shown in the programme.

The Alphabet Competition is a annual competition with an alphabet theme. Entries should be submitted in the same format as the quarterly competition images.

Video guides to preparing your competition entry are here - using Faststone & Lightroom .

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