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1st Quarter Competition Results

Our first completion for the 2020/21 season had as its theme "Somerset Churches" (not WSM or Uphill). We wanted members to explore the area and see what the could find. The answer some lovely churches in super locations. Members were able to submit up to three digital images in the Themed category (Somerset Churches) and further three images in an "open" category

Laura Pearce LRPS was our guest judge - giving her evaluation of the 70+ images online via Zoom.

Our Chairman, John Scaife said to Laura:

"Thank you so much for agreeing to judge our Churches and Open Competition images for us. It is quite clear that you spent a considerable amount of time and effort in appraising our work and then in preparing and delivering, despite your Doctor's handwriting, your well-considered critique. All those of our members who were able to join us yesterday evening thoroughly enjoyed listening to your comments. I'm sure that we all learned something from your advice and suggestions as to how some of the images might have been improved.  I'm thinking in particular about your advice on using the dodging and burning tools to improve detail, particularly in areas of shadow; using the crop tool more carefully to ensure that the crop is not too tight and that wanted parts of the subject are not inadvertently cropped out; and how a slightly different perspective might have resulted in a more balanced image. 

Again, thank you for judging for us and for your comments and advice. "

Congratulations to the placed images and in particular to Tony Stringer for being awarded 1st and 2nd Place in the themed category. See the full results for the Somerset Churches here. The results of the Open category are here.

The next competition theme is "Autmunal Landscape".

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