Resources for the Analogue Photographer


In Bristol  

Book Darkroom sessions via St Pauls Learning Centre, once you have completed a Covid-Safe Darkroom Induction. 

These have resumed, free of charge - book your place here.

Regular Supported Darkroom Sessions will be rescheduled as soon as possible. Darkroom Memberships now available.”


In Weston the WestonArtspace on the high street are in the process of setting up a studio & darkroom and plan to offer courses - but that is some months away.

Club member Simon Williams is starting a "Hands on Photography Club" at The Arts Quarter in Cheddar on the first Friday of the month starting February 4th. The programme is as follows:

February 4th 2022   Pinhole Camera Workshop

March 4th 2022        Using old cameras to make new images

April 1st 2022            Historical Printing Techniques

June 10th 2022         Beauty & Craft of Wetplate Collodion

Suppliers of Materials

Film - Analogue Wonderland

Paper & Chemistry- Harman technologies (Ilford)

Alternative processes - chemistry , kits & materials - Silverprint  

Lomography (experimental)

Access a darkroom in Bristol

Mobile Darkroom! 

Tutorials - Video &PDF

Set up you home darkroom 

Make your own developer

St Pauls (Bristol) Photography video tutorials

PinHole, Gum Bichromate, Albumen etc.

Ilford's Darkroom Guides - Videos


35mmc a community blog about photography and cameras

Experiments with various processes -

Alternative Photography

Antique & Classic Cameras

Ilford Learning Zone

On-line magazine - all things film - "Emulsive"

A video looking at the resurgence of analogue photography

The Analogue Photography Series: Film is Still Alive