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September 2023 Exhibition



The A1 camera club are a fantastic local club made up of individuals with a passion for photography. As the Mayor I've been grateful for the support of A1 during my year and their photographs are always fantastic.


I'm looking forward to the exhibition which will demonstrate amazing pictures taken by really passionate people."


Councillor Ciaran Cronnelly 

Mayor of Weston-Super-Mare


Mrs Katherine Cronnelly and Councillor Ciaran Cronnelly 


During September we held our first print exhibition since 2019.

The Exhibition was judged by Simon Caplan LRPS and a public vote was also held. The judge's choice and the winner of the public vote are shown below.

The printed images were on display at Weston Museum, Burlington Street, BS23 1PR. The print exhibition is now closed but digital copies of the images can still be viewed further below.



Reach Out by Tony Stringer



Aurora Guide Me Home by Tom Gregory

02 Aurora, Guide Me Home.jpg
51 Reach Out.jpg

The Images

(Click to view full screen versions)

01 A Walk On The  Mendips
02 Aurora, Guide Me Home
03 Birnbeck Pier
04 Birnbeck Pier In The Fog
05 Boat Party
06 Bude Sunset
07 Clevedon Pier
08 Fishermen's cottages - Porlock weir
09 Fishing Huts
10 Fishing In The Land Of Lakes
11 Mountain View
12 Reflections
13 Storm Clouds
14 Stourhead
15 The Bench Where We Sat


16 A Rare Visitor From North America
17 Aggressive Swan
18 Alien In Darkness
19 Apple Blossom
20 Dinner Time
21 Dragonfly On Mauve
22 I Spy
23 Kingfisher
24 Passing Reflections
25 Red Kite
26 Snail Shells
27 Which Way Is Home
28 You Caught Me


29 A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
30 Angel
31 Claire
32 Cristina
33 Finishing Touches
34 John
35 Just Resting My Eyes
36 Living The Best Life
37 Portrait Of A Photographer
38 Reggie
39 Spider-Punk
40 The Florist
41 The joke's on you


42 Amaryllis Splash
43 Anyone We Know
44 Drifting At Brands Hatch
45 Emerald Thames
46 Eye Of The Beholder
47In Honour Of The Queen
48 Nightdress
49 Old View With A Seat
50 Quicksilver Water
51 Reach Out
52 Stepping Stones
53 The Daisy Wheel
54 The Flying Scotsman
55 The Shelter Train



Our club welcomes all photographers, experienced and those just starting to learn. We encourage all members to exhibit work that they are pleased to have produced. If you are interested in joining us please contact us using this link.

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