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There are many resources available to help you both learn the basics of photography, improve your skills and plan your photoshoots. Here are those we have found the most useful.

Prompt cards

Camera Set-upAperture & Shutter speedCamera anatomy & Crop factorFocal length & Depth of Field
Histogram & White balance -  ISO & Exposure triangle - Metering modes & Colour theoryFocus & Shooting modes

DSLR or mirrorless?


1. Camera Bag Essentials - volumes 1 and 2 - Free!

In PDF format you can view on your computer or download onto your computer and print out pages that interest you.
Good basic introduction with many project ideas. Click for Volume 1 or Volume 2.

2. Learn Digital Photography Course

Great for basics and when you have had some experience as it include lots of ideas for photographic projects.

3. Flash Photography: Art & techniques

Takes you from the basics with good practical ideas. 

RPS - The Royal Photographic Society's Journals for free!

Planning a photoshoot/trip

Weather forecasts, tide times, Sunrise and position apps & maps - we have a page of resources here


Here are two publishers that have produced excellent location guides:


Ebooks - free to download from Photozy

Online tutorials - Lightroom

PDF Guide - Blending modes

Club members' Tutorials and Presentations on Photoshop & Lightroom

Milky Smooth Seascapes

Abstract Landscapes

Photoshop Layers - with Homework


Using Your Flash 

Simulate a flash/lighting setup

What is rear curtain sync?

Slow Sync Rear Curtain Flash

Using a single flash - off camera


Here are descriptions of,  and links to, the software our members use to edit and present their images.


DP review is a down-to earth and reliable source of information on new equipment and has an archive of older equipment for when you are considering something secondhand.

Here is a very useful side-by-side camera comparison tool.

Used lenses - a new  Comparison site.


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