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Follow-up resources for Club presentations 

Documents - PDFs or MSWord

Street Photography - Simon Moore

Photographic Panels - Tony Stringer

Fun With Macro - Chris Budd

 - Chris Budd

Composite Images - Tony Stringer

What Goes On Inside A Lens - Chris Budd

All About Flash - Daniel Ellis

Surviving, Reviving, Thriving - environmental portraiture and the traditional artisan - Simon Caplan LRPS  

Kingswood Salver - Film Noir

Focus Stacked Macro (Part 2)

Focus Stacked Macro (Part 1)

Abstract Cityscapes - Daniel Ellis 

Candid Street Photography - David Coombe

Film Noir studio evening briefing 

Review of the clubs 2021 Kingswood Salver entry 


Restricted Depth of Focus - Tony Stringer 

Additional reading - article on depth of field and foreshortening by Ian Howard

Simon Williams - My Inspiration 


Astrophotography-Milky way - Peter Kent 


Flash modifiers - Howard Evans 


Peter Kent - My Inspiration 


Flash - Guide No.s and 2nd Curtain 


When the well runs dry 


Extreme Close-up 

Layers in Photoshop 


Milky Smooth Seascapes 


Abstract Landscapes (large file - be patient)


Fill in Flash 

Garden bird photography

Long Exposure Photography 

Set up and configure a Flickr account 

Set up a Flickr Album 

Landscape Photography 2020 

A1CC - Pinhole Camera Photography - PDF

Seeing in B&W

Still life photography

A Photographer’s Guide to Sharper Shots

Zone System



Fireworks Photography

Peter Kent 26-10-21


Removing unwanted objects in Photoshop

Simon Williams 23-06-20 

Removing spots & using layers in Photoshop
Tony Stringer  24-11-20 

(See Lightroom & Photoshop Tutorials page for supporting resources)


Long Exposure Photography 

Understanding Digital

Sunset Photography - Simon Moore 2018

Flash photography

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